Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Cookin No. 6 - Cold Cereal and laughter

Not much cookin happen here. Unless you count the bowl of cereal I shoved down last night before I headed out to do laundry. Just incase, I’ll give you the recipe:

Cold Cereal:

1 cup of milk, I use 1%
You favorite cereal (I used Kashi autumn harvest, and raisin bran)
One clean bowl
One clean spoon

Pour the cereal into the bowl. I like to pour one cereal at a time, and then mix then together with my hands. Add milk.

Grab you spoon and enjoy.

Aside from that, I have just been getting ready for school. I am beginning to find myself at the point where I can’t wait to leave work, and find myself in a kitchen, completely confused and overwhelmed. Sweat running down my face, my uniform seems to heavy, and I’m staring at the barrel of potatoes that I have to peel. That just sounds like fun. Laughing and enjoying everyone in the kitchen.

I have been listening to old Prairie Home Companion shows, it’s a radio show that is broadcasted on NPR. Its like having a good friend next to you, and I can’t help but have a big smile on my face. If you have never heard the show, you should give an ear for a moment.

Well, there was actually no point to my ramble today. I want to keep updates consistent, so look at this just as a filler entry.

Bon Appetite


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