Monday, August 01, 2005

Cookin No. 9 - Spice and Orange makes chocolate go round

On Saturday, I headed to Long Island for my brother’s bridal shower, well, it was mainly for Kim, but he got some cool stuff too. My cousin Carolyn, her daughter Kassidy, my mother and I piled into the car and headed out way too early, in hopes to beat the traffic. We beat it all right; we beat it 2 hours early. No worries though, we got some coffee and chatted for a while.

The house that the party was at was beautiful, when I get older and ready to take on the responsibility of a mortgage, I would love a house like that. Hard wood floors, open and spacious front room, a good size dinning room, a really nice kitchen with a good amount of room to spread out, a nice enclosed patio, and a very well shaded small yard. Enough of that, onward to the food…

Lunch was catered by a Panini joint down the road, and they were very good panini’s on a ciabatta bread. Very nicely grilled vegetables and chicken on mine, and a good fresh arugula salad to top. Mmmm arugula. On ciabatta bread, I had first encountered this bread by name at wegmans, and it happens to be the bread I love to make my mozzarella, tomato and basil sandwich on. It is usually a bit flatter than most bread, and always had a good solid crust. However, ciabatta is really a bread of many verities, but always the same slipper shape. Most people believe the ciabatta originated in Lake Como, Italy, however there is a gentleman at Pan Technology, (a school in Italy devoted to bread, everything bread, and how to make it better), who claims to be the inventor of ciabatta. Regardless of who made it first, ciabatta is good bread.

For desert there was an ice cream cake by carvel, chocolate chip cookies, fruit salad, and Chile Orange Truffles. I was so full from the lunch that I bypassed the cake and cookie, and grabbed a fruit salad, and one truffle. See I made the truffle, so I had to have one. I got the recipe for the truffles from:, and I have to say, they were wonderful.

After I let the truffles cool in the refrigerator and scooped them out, I found that the ones I made were too large, this recipe is very rich, and the next time I make them, I will defiantly have to cut them down in size, so that they can be enjoyed even on a full stomach. The recipe was easy to follow, and very easy to make, there were something that I will have to try again. The spicy part of the truffle was cayenne pepper, and it left such a hint of a bite, that if the person didn’t know what it was, they were a bit confused. It was a wonderful addition though, and I think I’ll put cayenne pepper in more chocolate now.

As for now, I am contemplating what I should make for dinner. Something very fresh, I think I’m in the mood for zucchini.

Bon Appetite


Blogger McAuliflower said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the truffle recipe! I've had a couple of people ask, "so, what's with the chile?"
... silly people...

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