Thursday, October 20, 2005

Cookin No. 28 - Cream puffs

I am going to make today quick, because I am just exhausted. We have been making cream puffs…. Mmmmm and ganash, chocolate cake, apple pie, pecan pie, and lemon meringue.

School is good, but now that we are all trying to work together, it’s a little frustrating. Mainly because there are some people in my class who don’t seem to care about anything, who have bad attitudes, and are just nasty in general. It’s a little hard to work with some of my classmates, and a bit surprising. Heh, with all the gossiping, the only thing said about me is that I’m pretentious. Ha!

I am on the schedule for wegman’s but haven’t started yet, I can’t wait, and when I do start, I’ll be sure to tell all. Tonight, a play that my good friend chris was the stage manager for is opening, so I’ll be in the audience. I’m looking forward to getting out a little.

Ok, I know this is short, but I will be sure to write more later.

Bon Appetite


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i get secret cravings for pastries...'s my filthy pleasure & dirty secret

those look like the right stuff

11:40 PM  

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