Monday, August 29, 2005

Cookin No. 19 - First Day of School

I think that I am going to love college life! Today was the first day, I woke up early, and having barely slept threw the night, I slowly put on my uniform with trembling hands. This is the day, the day that I had been agonizing over since February, when I found out that I was accepted to this program. This is the day that marks the start of my new life.

So I get to the school early, thinking that I’ll just walk around for a while and get to drool over the huge kitchen that I’ll get to work in. However, when I pull into the parking lot, I see tons of people in white chef coats. Oh no! They stole my idea! Although, immediately as I step out of my car, I find three women, smile and say good morning, and poof, I have friends. Then we get to the class room, and I find that I am sitting in a room filled with 24 people who are as passionate about food as I am. On break we are talking about what we had for breakfast, or what we are going to make for dinner, or what our favorite dishes are. I can’t believe that I am so lucky.

After we settle down, Chef Duncan introduces us to the world of sanitation. Well, we only graze that topic, he hands out a take home test, and then onto nutrition with Chef Duncan again. I learned some very interesting things today, like did you know that vitamin D does not appear in milk naturally. The government requires that vitamin D be added to milk, because some crazy mothers, years ago, were putting tones of sunscreen on their kids, and covering them head to toe to protect them from the sun. However, vitamin D is obtained naturally from the sun, so all these over protected children were having vitamin deficiencies, and the government thought, “well kids drink milk, lets give put the vitamin D in the milk”, and tada! Vitamin D in milk. So if you don’t drink milk, just take a jaunt outside and soak in the nutrients.

I also got myself a job. My friend owns a hotdog stand, and with my unlucky streak of trying to find a job in a restaurant, she offered me a spot in her kitchen. So this weekend I was on my feet working the grill, making hot dogs, and scrubbing a lot of pots. It was a lot of fun, although, to be honest, I am having a hard time integrating into the world of my co-workers. Most of them are high school kids who seem to have a problem with everything, and don’t want to work too much. Don’t get me wrong, they seem like nice kids and all, but when we are slammed with customers, I don’t think it’s a good idea to be chatting with your friends. I had to try to calm down two very upset people who had to wait 30 minutes for porgies. I was on the hot dog station and the person who was on the grill and fryer was chatting with his buddies, and the cash register girl and I were too busy to notice that he didn’t put the order in. I completely understand why the people were upset, and I felt bad for them, because no one else seemed to care or understand. Oh well, I’m not going to take it personally.

However, I don’t know if I will be at the stand for long, because Wegman’s just called me today, and I have an interview on Wednesday after school! I hope I can get a position in one of their kitchens, because I know that I can learn so much from them. I am learning a lot from the hot dog stand though, like how to move fast, how to share a small space with two other people and still be efficient. Those are such good skills.

Well, I just finished up my homework for today, I think that I will sit back on my balcony for a bit and just enjoy this day.

Bon Appetite


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