Thursday, August 04, 2005

Cookin No. 11 - Outside my window and a missed meal

Outside my window, the heat wins another battle, and I hide in the shelter of my air conditioning. Although, I am not alone, a juicy peach sits on a plate next to me, half eaten, a glass of Sangiovese sits in front of me, a lit cigarette smolders in the ash tray to my left, and the prep work is done for tonight’s dinner. Pam was right, this wine is a good wine for relaxing in the evening. The smell of fresh basil wafts threw my apartment, and I had just chased Penny off from trying to steal a piece of bacon. That little scamp will stop at nothing, sometimes I think she is more dog than cat, to date she has made off with broccoli, the insides of a Wegman’s sub, a piece of chicken off my mother’s dinner place, tuna off of a sandwich, and she likes to chew on bones. Now she is resorting to stealing my bacon… extreme measures must be taken, no matter how cute you are, don’t mess with bacon. Unfortunately Penny is just too cute, so I give her a piece of bacon anyway.

I have skipped tai chi today, the heat was pounding on me at I couldn’t bring myself to get all sweaty on this fine day. The air conditioner is making so much noise, that I kind of wish it were cooler outside, so I could have the windows thrown open, and just enjoy the fresh air. However the air out there isn’t too fresh today, it is heavy and rank, and I refused to smoke my after work cigarette, because my lungs were just to angry. So I went to Wegmans, and slid threw the isles, smelling all the fresh fruit, taking in the aroma of the just baked bread, stood over the basil a little longer than necessary, day dreaming about Italy, and imagining that there I could sit outside and enjoy the day.

Outside my window, a car drives by, with rap music playing so loud, that my knees are vibrating. The beater honks its horn, and of courses its for my annoying neighbor who likes to throw loud drunken parties into the wee hours of the morning during the work week. But soon the car drives off and I am again enjoying Charlie Musselwhite’s harmonica. Blues and summer seem to go hand in hand, well, to me blues and anything go together, but today its especially enjoyable to sit back and let my eyes glaze over just a little.

Well my company just arrived, and dinner tonight won’t be happening, due to gastrointestinal issues. No worries, I put everything away, and it’ll make lunch tomorrow.

Now I sit back and finish my wine, and have a conversation with my friend.

Until tomorrow with recipe in hand, Bon Appetite.


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